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That piece of cake July 28, 2018

Posted by Gomathi Karri Reddy in Culture, Love and Life, Women and Children.
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When was the last time I enjoyed a piece of cake, watching television with a hot cuppa, without worrying about who’d be hacking my laptop at that time…I almost forgot what it means to be free in a wired world, where all the people who run businesses as service providers play around with their “business rules” sans propriety, integrity, respect for intellectual property and personal space of the others – Chipping into this network are friends, relatives, neighbors and self-appointed custodians of your well-being, the verily proud slaves of modern society.

The evils of society have come a full circle, with savagery taking over civilized behavior where might is right and the one thing that is trampled by the mighty is an individual’s freedom.

Ah, Freedom…that one word which keeps me bound to wave upon wave of struggles – both personal and professional.  That one word, which has lost its meaning to a majority who are willing to be slaves to masters of a lesser kind (aka willing to be slaves to losers!).  That one word which exposes us to everything that we don’t want to be part of.  That one word which reminds us of our core values, our belief system, our entire life that we’ve walked on this earth. That one word which reminds us of our purpose on this earth – that we cannot achieve what we are supposed to if we don’t value our freedom and in retrospect the free will and freedom of the others. That one word that flashes in front of you, mocks at you and bemoans how nobody is yearning for her and that you have a choice to join the cartloads of “nobodys” or choose to be the one who walks her path alone, with just the gleaming “freedom” as your torch in a dark alley filled with nondescript zombies, pitfalls, rough weather, jokers, psychopaths, culture shockers, frameworks that threaten your existence – all nouns that have both a metaphoric and literal meaning in this context.

How strange that you choose to be that “somebody” – Can you even define this abstract thing called “freedom?” Is it really worth fighting for, when “modern day slavery” can give you a fairly comfortable life, not withstanding the fact that you must now be ready to chug along, completely ignominious of your metaphoric nudity that is chained to monsters who objectify you and your very existence…ah, well, it should be fine, when it works for so many others who in the eyes of the world, are the society’s neo rich, walking down the aisles of social niceties flashing their selfies with others of their ilk, Instagramming and  Snapchatting their way to a modern world that is burying itself in the ruins of cultural and ethical ethos…It should be fine…or maybe it really isn’t…maybe those chained are unable to fight their battles……of course, Where the Head is held high as Tagore lamented is still a dream for most Indians and maybe its no more about the head, maybe we’ve gone a notch down and if Tagore was around he would’ve lamented, Where the spine is held straight and where knowledge is free…into that freedom..let my country awake.

How funny that you believe you can withstand this storm, this redefinition of “culture and freedom” as you understand it, this new world order where the only shame is about social isolation from such masochistic tribes…well, there can only be two reasons why you still exist, fighting it all:

a) You are from another planet, and as Young Sheldon says, you’ve still not got tuned to this world

b) You are Sonny, the humanoid robot in the movie “I Robot” showing the way for the ones who are fighting their silent battles like you, alone.

And in this new world, even the bravest Samurai would work harder and gain more knowledge to protect their personal space and to believe in Freedom, as it should be.

And so will I.

Because that piece of cake with the warm cup of coffee is worth relishing only in a world where Freedom has the same meaning for everyone – Its highest echelons of truth.

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