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Ma, Come back May 8, 2011

Posted by Gomathi Reddy in Love and Life, Parenting, Personal, Relationships, Women and Children.
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Today is Mother’s Day.  It is so funny a day has to be allocated to think about and thank mothers…as if that would be enough.  It would never be, at least in my case.

She is Sathyavathy Karri Vivekanand.  She is my Amma.

My Amma was not the regular mother – not the one who’ll dote on me, cuchy-coo me whenever I was down, and definitely not the cinematic one who showers too much obvious affection.  Mine was different.

She made me make my bed, as early as I could remember.

She made me drink a large glass of milk and par-boiled egg, every morning.  Uggghhhh!!

She made me take bath, 3 times a day, despite many protests.

She made me wash my feet, whenever I stepped out of the house and stepped back in.

She made me eat those Dhal-Rotis and Pulla Pappu despite me making all the faces I can.

She made me say sorry, and feel sorry, if at all, even by mistake my feet touched anyone else.

She taught me to be respectful of elders and touch their feet for blessings, whenever they entered home.

She taught me to provide refreshments to anyone, entering our place.  (That I ended up inviting a leper-beggar into our home and offered him a large glass of lassi, when all he was looking for were a few coins, is a different story altogether.  When she came back from her shopping, she was horrified to see me  chatting with this fellow in our portico, and she had to politely ask him to leave, despite a perplexed look from me. And I was sanitized and scrubbed with one more of her infamous baths. From then on, I am sure she was a little careful about what she was feeding my head)

She taught me to enjoy my brother’s tirades, despite me throwing tantrums at him.

She taught me to take refuge in books, when people around make reality difficult.

She never appreciated me in person, but was the first to blow-her-trumpet on my academic achievements.

She taught me to look up to and thank God, even when everything was going great.

She taught me that happiness and sadness are just sisters-in-arms, and one follows the other, and they make life interesting.

She celebrated and was proud of my altruism. Later, she confided, that she forgot to teach me to take care of myself, first.

She was a living example of what true grit was, whenever Dad’s business ran into trouble.

She taught me the art of managing home and to hold your head high, even in a crisis.

She was a fierce feminist, without knowing what it was.

She was a dear daughter, without knowing what she was giving back to her parents.

She was a refined sister, without knowing what it is to be boorish.

She was a loving wife, who knew to package her profound tender affection to her husband.

And…she was my Amma, my mother.

She knew my pain like no one else did, despite me being a pain quite often.

She understood my arrogance like only a mother would understand her daughter.

She knew my heart like only a dear friend would.

She was always there for me with a huge hug, whenever I tried hard to hide my disappointments, and failed with her.

She was always there for me to bury those whittling tears of pride, in her lap.

She knew me like only an angel can.

I know not of any verbs to define her, because I know nothing more can define her better than that one word “Amma.”  Nothing more can define the sacrifices, the love and the tenderness with which she brought me up, which I realize only when I don the cap of a mother.  Nothing more can describe the strength that she instilled in me to take on the role of a woman, in a tumultuous world.  Nothing more can give me the strength that she is always beside me, to ensure that I am not just another also-ran.

Amma, Mom, Mama – Nothing more can beat the tears flowing down to celebrate you, long for you, feel for you, as only this Mother’s day can.

Miss you yet another day Ma.  If you can read this post from heaven – come back to me….and lets celebrate Mother’s day, all year round.



1. jessiepeace - May 8, 2011

It’s not mothers day in the uk, I got worried for a second.

2. gabmsn - May 16, 2011

You seam to have describe my Amah (how I call mine), with little differences here and there, but the general feeling is the same.

One thing I wish to express>, mine is still with me, thank God, and she is the only one that will never give up on me.

Despite having different ways of educating my two kids, despite wanting to not do the same mistakes my parents did (despite their best intentions), one thing is for sure>

I hope to HAVE the same inconditional love for my kids, the same NEVER GIVING UP on lifting them when they fall, like my mother does to me.

Thank you Gomathi, for the post.
Your Mom may not come back, but she is certainly proud of you.

Gomathi Reddy - May 16, 2011

Thank you so much, gabsmsn. I am so glad your mom is still with you, inspiring you to give the best for your children. Am touched by your words. 🙂

3. asha - August 12, 2011

Hi gomes,
i read this and i knew it is you, my long lost friend. I remember you and your mom and the lovely relationship that you have had,,,, mothers are special and so are our best friends, your mom helped me to find you.
Lovely write up, wish mothers can live for ever… guess they leave so that we may become one of them, as this game has to go on.
Lots of love and sure your mom is up there smiling at us… thankful to her for making me find you through your words… sure she is proud of you and what you r doing.


Gomathi Reddy - August 12, 2011

Dearest Asha…the awesome Asha as always… 🙂 🙂 Can’t find words to explain my tears…thanks for chasing me back to my golden years and friends…hugs

4. gundu vidya - August 14, 2011

wonderful write up gomes. u brought ur mom alive with ur truthful words. it is clearly evident that she is only physically away, but making her soulful presence in you. keep writing my friend.


5. padhs2k - July 14, 2014

We never realize how much our Mom loved us until we become mothers ourselves. May your mom rest in peace.
I found your blog while searching for Chennai bloggers, being a new blogger myself, this title caught my eye and held it for a long time.

Gomathi Reddy - July 14, 2014

Hey, thanks…am touched. I read this post after a long time, on seeing your comment, and I felt her presence, along with yours.

Welcome to the world of blogging. Good luck.

6. Akhila - February 1, 2015

As I read these beautiful wordings….my eyes are moist…what a wonderful feeling. Not all are blessed to have devoted, loving, carrying “AMMA”…..the so called LIFE teaches its own phase to face the “JOURNEY” and i’m proud to be one from that list!!!

Gomathi Reddy - February 1, 2015

Thank you Akhila, for sharing your profound thoughts. So true…

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