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Word Scape

Offering “word solutions” to my clients, is my bread and butter, though I’ve never spoken about it directly.

So far, words shared through my blog, have become a vent, a channel to empty my own thought-can so that there is space for something more to creep in, and has many a time had a balmy effect on a bruised heart.

But, often times, it has also made me wonder, if  there something more value-driven that I can offer to those who visit my blog, other than just  reading my vents.

I decided to add one more tab – Word Scape – “Works”

Here I hope to share “wordy” things that I have learnt, enjoyed, implemented and have become more curious to explore – all those that hold my interest in words and their real-world applications.  It could range from my abiding interest in etymology, tips to writing better(not that I am an authority on this!) my shrift with Marketing Communication, my perennial affair with the new media or simply put, stretching out to “communicate better.”

Check out http://reddygomathiworks.wordpress.com/

I hope to hear from those who’ve learnt something from this website and also from those who can teach a thing or two and help me in my quest to become a better communicator.  I hope you enjoy reading those pages, as much as I do in creating them for you.

Thanks for stopping by.




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