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The Latest From My Head

The Child Is Mother Of The Woman

The last few pieces of writing have had such a cathartic effect on me.  It is a great way to get my emotions out in the open and sort through my deeper thoughts and feelings.  I sometimes feel like this unsuspecting person who I was before these volcanic events of my life, someone who was just looking for some sincere love and affection to be reciprocated and then ended up in a situation where I’ve now become an agony aunt sounding cautionary tales to all those who are going through the bad phases of this institution called marriage. >> More

Are we all addicts? – 20th October, 2011

If you do something too much at expected time-frames, is it addiction? There are all kinds of addicts viz., those who are kicked into alcohol, smoking, drugs, sugar, chocolate et al. This is only substance addiction. But there are also addicts to a certain behaviour or activity. In fact behaviour and activity-based addictions can be hard to define as a problem and will make it easier for the person to assume that it is a very normal thing to do…and stay addicted for life. One can suffer from anorexia(eating disorder), bulimia(disorder eating), binge eating, sympathy-seeking, exercise, shopping, work, gambling, sex, pornography, internet, television, coffee or tea, computer games or gaming…the list seems endless, as we evolve and try to fit into being accepted by our immediate societal expectations. >> More

Life is impressive

Impressive!  Ha, that’s how I’d call my survival these days.

What was a weary body with a weary mind, a few months back, is slowly, yet steadily beginning to look up. I’m managing to go through my days with less and less of tears, and more and more of reasoning and smiles. In my defense I often pat myself with “I have a brave heart” kind of monologue – sometimes it just gets longer, but somehow manages to have the same meaning!! >> More


Another Voice >> Just a Coincidence? – 29th September, 2011

Are coincidences meaningful?  Yes, they are a mystery, but we all have a way of experiencing them. It is a very personal thing, but it is often considered to be bizarre or just a manipulated fact, for others who are not part of it. But most stories about coincidences are mind-blowing, even to the parapsychologists who study these things for a living.>> More


Duryodhana was a Kaurava prince. He had 99 brothers. He was a man of great valour. His people admired him and his parents loved him. However, he had one problem – He never liked his cousins, the Pandava princes. The Pandavas were five in number – Yudhishthira, Arjuna, Bhima, Nakula and Sahadeva. Each one of them was an excellent warrior. Among them, Arjuna was the best.  That was Duryodhana’s problem. The Kauravas and Pandavas went to the same school. Drona, their teacher, taught both the groups everything he knew, but he had a special place for Arjuna. As his chosen one, Drona promised to make Arjuna the best archer in the world. Duryodhana, could not stand the attention and praise Arjuna got, all through their schooling. >> More



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