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The 2 Sides Of A Coin March 12, 2012

Posted by Gomathi Reddy in Desi Indian, Love and Life, Personal, Relationships, Women and Children.
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There are 2 sides to a coin – Or are there?

Often times, the past few months of my life have had a profound effect on my evolution as a human being.  I seem to see the two sides of everything – all at once! My mind doesn’t wander anymore, yet shows with clarity the many facets of life, crystallizing into just two – the 2 sides of everything.

Profundity – In silence? Or in writing?

Experiencing peace – Beginning, or is this the end of it?

Advice – Flows in gallons or is it just part of the flow?

Knowledge – Border less or is it at the point?

Truth – Merits broadcast or thrives in anonymity?

Values  – Universal or personal?

Familiarity – Does it breed contempt or does contempt breed familiarity?

Equality – Nothingness or ignominy?

Relationships – Click in reality, or exist only in photographic clicks?

Friendship – Accept the flaws or is it flawed acceptance?

Love – Is it about begging or is it about “being”?

Motherhood – Sacrifice or fulfillment?

Sainthood – Living within? Or without?

Life – Man and woman!

Is it 2 sides to MY coin, or it is all just ONE?

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