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My Programmer, Soul January 8, 2016

Posted by Gomathi Karri Reddy in Another Voice, Desi Indian, Love and Life, Spirituality.
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I can’t help admiring the way life shapes you up – creating ideas,  collapsing those vulnerable thoughts, driving those strong thoughts to action, creating chaos out of your thoughts & action, bringing order to your chaos, helping you settle down with clarity, and finally delivering the strength to stay determined to carry on what you believe in, no matter what – the conviction to see your purpose in the right light, within yourself – everything happens naturally at the right pace.


All through this, you are living your life with all its ups and downs; getting groomed for your position on this earth. It’s like being in a programming loop.

Do while < a condition/rightful purpose is being met>

<action 1> – read this as blessings/adrenalin rush/success or whatever

<action 2>


Else <when this condition/rightful purpose is not met>

<action 3> – read this as Sin1/ Punishment1

<action 4> – read this as Sin2/Punishment2



My Programmer, Soul

As long as the purpose for which you are here is being met by your body, you have a set of actions following you – in the form of blessings, taking you to the next level of your journey. You are in the Do While part of your life-loop. These groom you to your next step, and loop of evolution. These blessings just mean that you are ready for the next phase in life; its like one of those sticker stars that you are given when you complete your assignment properly.

It simply means you’ve learnt your lesson.

If you feel stuck in life, then you are in the ELSE part of the life-loop. You are not supposed to be in that situation, and you are not realizing that. You are not exercising your free will to make a choice that will push you to the next level. You are repeating the same mistakes. You are choosing to stay stuck and hence you are in the ELSE part of the loop. When you are in the ELSE part of your life-loop, you not only accumulate greater sins to your Karma bank, you also get punished/pained by the happenings in your life, NOW.

That is why they say “live in the now” – there’s no greater teacher than the NOW. Live in it, let go of your ego, and get introspective. Prayers help you stay in the NOW, get introspective and let go of your ego. Then you learn your lessons, and you are willing to correct your path. When you do, you go back to the next loop, depending on your level of Sins, because there is no escaping your Karma Bank.

No worries, though.

You will eventually come back to where you were supposed to be, but you would’ve just lost some time on this earth. And for that you are entirely responsible – because you didn’t make the right choices out of your free will. You were clouded by your ego or Maya, and this Maya – the ephemeral outcast of all things good and blessed – took you on a different trajectory that you were not supposed to be on. When you realize that, you must pack your bags and move to where you were supposed to be – even if it means going back to your basics.

And then suddenly everything begins to fall into place – the people you meet are nice to you, the conversations are pleasant, all material comforts are yours for reckoning, the world is smiling at you, for you being just you. You don’t have to scream anymore asking the world to accept you as you are. You really don’t care anymore. You are truly comfortable in your skin.

What a beautiful loop of life this is, and who do you think is programming you? Your Soul – the programmer.

To it, you are like pure gold – extremely malleable and ductile in its hands.

Just give in to it – Surrender, and you’ll experience your life in all its glory. In the process you’ll also scratch the surface of Bliss.

But, we are nowhere near God or the Universal Energy, yet – She’s the Systems Analyst who keeps working and refining the larger framework. She is working hard at her code, to bring in all such successful souls who’ve learnt their lessons, to connect and to deliver Her “purpose,” to all Her realms. She is also working hard, and going through her ups and downs. Every time we get into the ELSE part of the loop, She too is suffering; She is also getting delayed in Her goals; She too is accumulating sins in her Karma Bank, because of the choices She made – The choice of believing in you, in me; The choice of having placed Her faith in us, that we can deliver.

Do we know Her purpose? We are not there yet.

For now, just get along with your Programmer Soul.

Give your best. Stay cheerful!

Image courtesy: Trudy Symeonakis Vesotsky Image may be subject to copyright restrictions.


1. My Programmer, Soul | Gomathi Reddy - January 8, 2016

[…] Source: My Programmer, Soul […]

2. mukul chand - January 8, 2016

Great Post.

Gomathi Reddy - January 8, 2016

Thank you, Mukul Chand

mukul chand - January 8, 2016


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