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Indian Origin January 6, 2016

Posted by Gomathi Reddy in Another Voice, Culture, Desi Indian, News and Current Affairs, Women and Children.
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“Indian Origin”  – This is really a fun thing, you know; I  mean there is  nothing so fantastic about being of Indian Origin – if you are a normal, right-thinking, hard-working, intelligent, pride-filled middle class woman, living in India, or anywhere in the world – This tag is exasperating!

Whether you want to be an entrepreneur or an employee, it doesn’t matter; Whether you believe in  playing your roles as a mother, wife, sister or a  friend, earnestly, being of Indian Origin, puts you one among the masses, who’re doing the same things that you  are striving to do (too much competitive stereotyping, I guess). This tag “Indian Origin” can be exasperating!

You have to be forever be nice to everyone, be polite, be humble, downplay your own skills to a man you are conversing with, downplay your skills, capabilities and supposed- physical-attraction to women you are conversing with (so that they don’t get threatened by your already downplayed skills), forever act like a mitten waiting to be walked over just so that you are accepted….phew…its difficult being a woman of “Indian Origin” in India.

While you are still trying to unravel, why you are in this body with this tag, everybody else has so many extra tags spinning all over your head – parents want you to get married off so that you  are not a burden on them in their old age (of Indian Origin); your husband wants you to slog at home and earn at will, so that you are not a burden on him during any part of his
life (of Indian Origin); your friends want you to be high on social circles so that their selfies with you are now not a burden on their FB page(of Indian Origin); your Government (and those of other countries as well) are not happy with you, because you are most likely to be a burden on them and their well- advertised welfare schemes…and the list goes on….

But this beautiful, righteous soul, trapped in this body of “Indian Origin,” wakes up everyday to read the newspapers and is amused at finding so much space and media attention given to trivia surrounding, “Indian Origin.” Here’s a sample:

New Jihadi John in IS video may be of Indian Origin

Nobel prize winner for Physics spent 2 years in India when he was a toddler, and hence can be termed as a product of Indian Origin. The whole country is  proud of his Indian roots.

Sundar Pichai, the Indian Origin CEO of Google, washed his hands immediately after he shook hands with the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.

“Make In India” is the much talked about slogan among investors who are proud of their products being of “Indian Origin”

The RBI has issued guidelines to all banks to support all enterprises making products of “Indian Origin” under the “Make In India” scheme.

Publishers flock to publish books authored by people of Indian Origin

This cute puppy of Indian Origin needs a loving home  and caring hearts. It has been waiting for adoption for  2 days…

Well, “Indian Origin” does bring a smile to this soul trapped in this woman of “Indian Origin,” living and working in India. Some “Indian Origin,” huh? – when it limits you in your goal to reach your rightful place of excellence in this Universe!



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