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We, the Shoonya December 23, 2015

Posted by Gomathi Karri Reddy in Desi Indian, News and Current Affairs.
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I wrote this post on the 7th of December, a silent, yet chatty prayer to Mother Nature



The last few days have been a huge downpour – inside out- quite literally. The downpour in Chennai for the past 2 weeks has been unprecedented, historic and has thrown us totally out of gear, in every which way. The cataclysmic changes in weather, broke down infrastructure and every-day-life.  As citizens we were totally unprepared for this many break downs of all that is physical around us, and that one thing inside us. It broke my anger controller too!

Thanks so much to the expensive communication satellite technology we build and pride of being the owners, during our R-day celebrations every year! Thanks should also go to the many satellites that we send out to “predict weather for our farmers accurately”, that they send information directly to the farmers and never to the urbanites like me. Duh, I must’ve forgotten to hoist my “cup of reports” on my terrace the last few months….I didn’t get any paperwork from the skies.

Thanks should also go to the many more spy satellites that we own, rent, lease and god-knows-what-else, occupying our skies as part of our flexing-our-muscles-exercise that India invests in, every other day, that we have absolutely no prior information to such disasters in a proactive mode, year-on-year.

Of course there is reactive information made available through satellite pictures borrowed from the likes of BBC. And of course we don’t cut and paste the interpretation. In a bid to make everything so very India-centric and original (you see, the pride of being Incredibly Indian looms large on us, every minute of our waking life, especially if you are in responsible offices), our weather reports sound more like a corporate email that is preparing you for an imminent pink slip, in the next five minutes, with as many “maybes” and “conditions” as possible that leaves you wondering if the person who sent that to you is in effect protecting his ass, just in case you get promoted over him!!

Just like every other day of the year, the Met office read out a report a few days back which sounded a little like:

“It may rain in parts of Tamil Nadu for the next 48 hours, and this “may rain” situation may continue or not continue for the next 24 hours and if it rains in the “may continue” situation in your part of “may be affected” region, then you “may expect” it not to continue for the next 12 hours as wind depression “may get” weaker and run out of steam by the time it reaches your “may affect” region which by now may become eligible for being in the national news by Tweets from well-meaning citizens who’d warn you to stay safe. In this context, we may expect you to move out of the “may-get-affected-region” in the next 12 minutes, to make way for the “may-weaken-depression” and we STRONGLY condemn if someone says that this “may-be-depression” is being predicted in a reactive mode. Such rumors we strongly deny, since there is a history of the press being bad to the Met Office.”

Uh, finally!! “STRONGLY” makes its appearance among the “mays”… ..exactly the word I’ve been waiting for!!!

By now, it’s havoc in the city.

My dwindled nerves, my dulled eyes, my half-deaf ears, my twingling skin and my nearly dead brain, get a kick-start. I felt that I belonged to this elite-common-group-of-that-highly-priced-and-opinionated-Indian-arm-chair-theorizer-cum-activist-cum-thinker-cum-poet-cum-litterateur-cum-clickActivist-cum-bloggr. I now feel new energy surging through my veins that I finally have some content flowing through my fingers, to my notebook.

I finally understand the frailty of the human spirit, the emptiness of these words and deeds over nature and am in complete awe of how inconsequential and insignificant each one of us can be in this “Shoonya” of existence with nature…where we are a pure nothing, inside out, encircled STRONGLY by nature.

As ATMs are not functioning and as I am running out of cash-on-hand to buy my way through my day-to-day expenses in the now highly upmarket priced shops of my sleepy village, I decide to surrender with a silent prayer.

“I” surrender. Okay, WE surrender,and enough flexing your muscles, Mother Nature. This doesn’t sound even a wee bit like you. In all my living years in Chennai, you’ve never been like this. I hear you are are being so nasty in 100 years. Why the hell can’t I forget the “I.” Sorry, We. 

We understand you’ve been very patient with us. Ah look…you look ugly now, like those WWE women wrestlers. Stop being so ruthlessly masculine! We like you as represented in our school text books of yesteryear, something like a sepia-toned-vintage representation of Mother Nature, and Mother India with a beaming smile and benign loving look on your face, that we never cared to notice.

Sorry we pumped you with all our mindless pollution of thought, word and deed and got you all steroidally muscular. But this doesn’t befit your nature. Get back to being your loving self. Bless us with your abundance and engulf us with your love.

We MAY try to correct our ways…er…we WILL correct our ways.

We surrender STRONGLY, to a stronger force. Your love. You taught us to submit and surrender only to love and not to brute force. Now get back to being loving, Mom!

We understand we are your SHOONYA.

Shoonya/Shunya in Sanskrit implies among other meanings, “empty,” “void,” “zero.”



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