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Creativity, Welcome December 23, 2015

Posted by Gomathi Karri Reddy in Culture, Desi Indian, News and Current Affairs, Women and Children.
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Creativity – This one word always had amusing connotations, all through my life.

My dad used to buy exotic painting kits for me, with some notion of making an M.F.Husein out of me. He very sincerely believed that I had the talent, while like every average kid, I was quite kicked with all those imported painting kits at home. I used to dabble with them with some funny strokes, which definitely never in its remote sense looked like art to me. But, my dad used to beam proudly over my work, and he somehow managed to find some abstract meaning to my so-called-visual-content, and he even used to come up with a metaphoric title. All this I realize must’ve been to stay motivated to buy more such stuff.  He called that creativity! I am sure it must’ve been to support a friend of his who probably owned a painting kit shop, or because he had a fixation for art material!

As for me, I used to watch the neighbourhood urchins coming up with their own cricket bat, when they could not join our gang of aspiring cricketers, with a “propah” bat, ball and stumps to swing and get beaten every second ball. The group of parents, from this small gang of ours, used to have those secret meetings – with code handsigns to participating in that “class-lock-hoo-hah” group, I am sure – and used to come up with fancy ways of brainwashing us kids into not playing with those kids who couldn’t afford cricket kits. But I was always fascinated by their sixers, which were called “kaathadi sixers” (Kaathadi – “kite” in Tamil). Those were a notch higher than Dhoni’s helicopter shots and at times, a new tennis ball that they bought pooling all their savings used to get torn with that shot and that boy who hit such a shot was banned for the next few weeks…the other kids could not afford another ball for a while. As for me, I thought their way of building their bat was a stroke of creative genius. With no adults for help, and with borrowed minimal tools, they used to come up with exotic bats! That was creativity for me, then.

Growing years had numerous examples of creativity – right from whistling for an auto, when none came, or putting together Mama’s silk saree borders as my churidhar’s front decorative piece or configuring  boss’ internet line as the personal fall back Internet line, when my  lines were down (without his knowledge, of course) – everything that required some out of the box thinking and which gave so much joy when they go live…that was “creative.”


Actor Simbu in “Vinnaithaandi Varuvaya”

Today’s news got creative, capturing Actor Simbu’s brush with law. If you go by those reports, he is spending all his time trying to get an anticipatory bail, because he indulged in a creative exercise. He was my student at Don Bosco School, Egmore, when I started my career as a teacher of Computer Science for a brief period of 7 months.


He was in Grade 9 or something…Teaching, I realized, was a noble profession and I was not cut out for such “noble” professions that were tiring, repetitive and full of non-existent opportunities for growth. I remember him as a short boy with a full-mop-like-straight hair that fell all over his face and which he used to flick nonchalantly every 30 seconds – He was completely unfit if you go by the school’s standards for haircuts, a little loud(quite literally) and was for the most part well-remembered for his dancing prowess. He was a natural on the stage and I don’t remember having any remarkable conversations with him, except that he took my autograph, as much as all other kids did, as a mark of respect, when I informed them that I was quitting the school. But every time I watched one of his movies, especially “Vinnaithaandi Varuvaya” it brought a smile to see how fast children grow up.

This so-called-Beep song of his, which I’ve not summoned the courage to listen, going by all that ruckus about its content being derogatory of woman and a damnation of the misogyny of the urban male, does fit into being my definition of “Creative.” And considering that it is not in any public format, what is all this nosy noise about!

This is the country, that allows porn industry to function, despite being a clear threat to vulnerable sections viz., women and children, and is an acknowledged law and order challenge, just because it’s worth trillions!

This is the same country, where ministers spoke for and behalf of the porn factory as “industry” and argued as to why it cannot be banned; apparently men who watch porn, in their (private) homes cannot be questioned on their propriety of watching the same, since it was their private life. So much for constitutional rights!

By the same yardstick, why isn’t Actor Simbu allowed to create his own Beep songs, which he does not expect to be peeped into!  That this boy really has dating issues with women, has a penchant for running behind older women, has been controversial in his choice of characterization in his films and has a very out-of-the-box approach to his relationships, which he has never hesitated to publish to seek publicity just before the release of his movies, is a recorded history that Randor Guy, the Guru of Tamil movie industry’s workings would vouch for.

So, what if this Beep song was leaked by Actor Simbu into YouTube and other social media channels just for some publicity? On all these factors, he’s been creative so far!

Why does AIDWA, with all its good intentions, attack ONLY such “creative” actors to give them more than what they’ve asked for, in terms of publicity! Would AIDWA ever provide support to a woman from Chennai slums battling to linger to her 50 bucks, as her TASMAC drunk husband beats her up to grab that 50?

The constitution and the system fail here on both accounts.

While the Constitution fails to protect:

  1. Someone’s freedom of expression and creativity;
  2. And protect women battling domestic violence from “creative” husbands grabbing their money;

The system fails to:

1. Prioritize what is important and needs immediate attention. Considering that so many people are languishing in jails since the courts have not even looked into their so-called-crime due to lack of time, should an artiste’s creative pursuit, however uncouth it might be, in the privacy of his home/studio gain importance? So, what do the courts want to add to – one more person, languishing in a tokenistic imprisonment for a week or so, while the press eats out of his hands? And then what? – The song now gets more downloads; the Actor’s films get a new lease of life and his new films will invariably have him mouthing his infamous dialogues about his troubled relationships with women; and the Director of his next movie, gets to make a point on Kollywood’s right to freedom of expression

2. Protect principles enshrined in the preamble of the Constitution to an Indian citizen.

Or is this a simple case of people getting very creative in the interpretation of “creative?” – Everyone now seems to decide how much creativity can be allowed to the other person.

Well, that certainly sounds like a new definition of “creative” to me.

Welcome to the club, “CREATIVE!”














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