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Silent Witness September 4, 2013

Posted by Gomathi Karri Reddy in Desi Indian, Spirituality, Women and Children.
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Have you ever experienced silence – loud and clear with its messages to the soul?  I have.

Maybe it always is that way for everyone. But for an incessant chatterer like me, the last few months of silence and reflection has had a profound effect on my persona.

As much as writing had a cathartic effect for a very long time, not pouring out my thoughts, however meaningful / meaningless they were to others….staying in silence in this medium, was purifying as well. It kinda made me reflect on so much about life around, I felt silence was much more enlightening than the constant chatter of the mind that finds a vent through a blog.

I was able to appreciate, approve & disapprove, judge & empathize, bless & believe, got excited & annoyed, got non-judgmental and was in complete acceptance of all that was happening………everything – the whole gamut of emotions that my writing (and talking) has on me and on the others, with silence of a different kind.

I spoke only when I had to, and I observed, listened, learnt and evolved a lot more during this phase of silence. This immediate urge to express what you feel, even before you have completely assimilated the various perspectives – that natural attitude went into the cold storage for a while and it’s refreshing. I learnt to become a witness of my self – A player who witnessed all the players, including her, on a small playing field called life.

And it was a liberating experience to stay detached with the self!

I am still the kind who’ll fight for what I believe in, And I will still not throw my towel so easily. Yet, my thoughts and actions are not anymore grazing the periphery…they seek the truth and they are more geared to work on the core of the issue.

With this mindset, I believe my writing will be closer to an evolved soul’s reflections  – reflections that may be limited only by my vocabulary – yet are seamless in their interpretation of love, life, relationships, politics, women & children – the tags I’d identify my blog with.

Hope this blog will now be more of a window to points of view(POV) of a different kind, rather than be pages of personal rants.  Hope they don’t get lengthier than what they were. 🙂

See you more often! 🙂



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