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Truth And Sanity February 9, 2013

Posted by Gomathi Karri Reddy in Desi Indian, News and Current Affairs, Women and Children.
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The need to get to the truth is an aphrodisiac!

This is what drives the ethical part of the world. This is what drives every, one-in-a-thousand to value their life, and to appreciate the life around them. They are like X-Men and X-Women, endowed with an energy that only they are aware of, and who want to make sure that it’s put to good use. And they know that they may be mocked at, laughed at, pulled-down, mauled or even killed – but they still stand by the truth that they want the world to appreciate and hopefully evolve as a better place for all.

But can a woman put herself and her dignity to danger, to establish a truth?

Can a woman establish truth by working on a story that aims to bring some moral space to a magazine in quest of truth, which anyway runs on subscriptions and advertisements of the wrong kind?

When I read this post, I was touched by the author’s sincerity, though I did feel that she took the “highway journalism” way too far!

Read her story, Risky Business, and judge for yourself.

I understand that things can get worse for conflict zone reporting… a different kind of truth that is dubbed down by the media and played up the arm-chair theorizing Presidents and their hi-profile personal branding teams.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to “playing up an image” of the incompetent, by sacrificing the few souls who want to make this earth a better place.  

Forget my cynicism..is this world really becoming a better place?

Are these X-men and X-Women, the seekers of truth, giving all that they have to create a better place or are they giving their all to back up the incompetent?

If truth is what matters, then maybe we should all question ourselves on where truth ends and sanity begins.



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