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A Twirl And A Twist November 7, 2012

Posted by Gomathi Karri Reddy in Desi Indian, Love and Life, Relationships, Spirituality.
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Life can be a twirl. And if you are the kind who likes to twist and twirl and skate and skid, you’d love this adventurous journey, the way it is. But if you are the kind who likes to pick up a nice book, find a corner to sit and read it, get into another world and become part of it, enjoy the silence outside and within, then those twirls and skids of the mundane aren’t appealing.

I am the second kind.

And the way my life has been throwing me those twists and twirls in scoops – And all I experience is the skidding of the rapid kind – sometimes I am down with a thud, many times it’s a disastrous fall – I wonder why the Universe doles out experiences that I am really not enjoying, nor learning something from!

Then it hit me – That too was a thud!!

Life is not all about good people, good corners, good books, good emotions, good whatever. Life is also about the other part – the bad people, the bad corners, the bad nooks and crooks, bad emotions and bad whatever. I am meant to learn this part of life too.

And if you don’t experience “the bad,”  how can you ever appreciate the good?! So, there it is – in twirls and twists and skates and skids and thuds!!

Ouch!! But got to admit – It’s painful. All over.

Pain as they say transforms you – Inside out!!

You get stronger, gently.

You get warmer, coolly.

You get wiser, simply.

You get purposeful, matter-of-factly.

You get focused, ingeniously.

You get empathetic, unpretentiously.

And over a period of time, you become the whole – naturally.

No specific efforts needed. Just go with the flow. Learn from your mistakes. Be thankful for all the experiences – good and bad. And then you arrive.

Arrive at your purpose of this life. And even that’ll pass, without you noticing anything.

But that would be a twirl and a twist of a different kind. 🙂



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