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The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be February 24, 2012

Posted by Gomathi Reddy in Desi Indian, Love and Life, Personal.
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In the movie NEXT, the protagonist is a Las Vegas magician who can see into the future.  He is pursued by FBI agents seeking to use his abilities to prevent a nuclear terrorist attack.   Nicholas Cage shares screen space and intense emotions with Julainne Moore and Jessica Biel.  This afternoon I felt like one of those characters they played – Believing, not believing and living a life that is tired of predictions.

I landed up a little early for my luncheon with my friend.  Instead of waiting for her, I thought I’ll indulge in a bit of window-shopping and entered a mall. Amidst all those suits, sarees and lingerie shops what caught my eye was a little shop that promised “exquisite pearls” – I  just wanted to window-shop, nothing else.  As I peered through the showroom, a sales person invited me inside to take a look and I walked in a little hesitantly.  The place was filled with lots of chakras and yantras (geometric designs etched in copper or the sacred five alloys, acting as tools for contemplation, concentration and meditation), had a very divine atmosphere, filled with different types of Ganesha statues – all of this made me wonder, if I was in some kind of a mystical shop. I turned around and  caught the eye of a smiling, friendly looking shop-keeper who was trying to be helpful, but who looked a bit like a crystal gazer in that setting.

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He asked me what kind of pearls I was looking for…I blurted, “No I just came by to have a look – nothing specific!” He peered at me and said “You should use a Pushparaagam or Yellow Sapphire.”  It was my turn to peer at him now, quizzically.  He asked for my date of birth, reeled out my characters and said he was an astrologer and face-reader and said that I must be going through a bad phase in life.  I smiled and asked him, “Who doesn’t?” though I wanted to add, “Your bad may be my good – its all so relative!”  But I didn’t.

He said he was only trying to help me and  he was not trying to sell anything.  I said “I was earlier asked to wear a cat’s eye on the left hand and pearl on the right hand and which I haven’t so far – Now you are asking me to wear yellow sapphire…and I may end up wearing some gem stone or the other in all my ten fingers! “ He was offended.  He immediately pulled out a small-bound-heavily-tattered-book from his cupboard to read out something about this suggested stone. Just when he opened the book, the lights went off – There was a power failure!  He couldn’t read it for me.  He immediately said, “Look I am trying to do some good for you, and your time is so bad that you can’t even listen to good advice.”  I wanted to say, “Look divine providence is guarding me from listening to you…” but I chose to keep my mouth shut. He told me that I need not believe in these things, yet if and when I choose to wear a gemstone, I must bring my horoscope and come back to him and he’ll then suggest what is right for me.  I thanked him and left the place.

I wanted to tell him that it’s not about believing something; it’s about the thought process, the presumption that my life is programmable, with a few stones and gems.  It’s about the fear of knowing the future, worrying over it and stopping to enjoy the present – and that’s precisely why I don’t want to know the future, or even bother to correct it right away!

Recently another friend who has been going through a bad patch has become such a Vaasthu psychic person that it amazes me to think what these “predictions” can do to even highly rational people.  Whenever I meet him, he asks for a piece of paper, draws squares and rectangles and explains what should be where and why!  I do admire as to how much of an astute Vaasthu consultant he has become, after listening to hours of Vaasthu gyan from a professional Vaasthu consultant, and probably reading up a lot of literature in this space.  And his professional consultant apparently even shares things like “your friend’s sister must be a woman!!”  When I heard it, I burst out laughing. My friend didn’t enjoy the slip of his tongue as much as I did, though!.

Now these slips and twists of life are  supposed to be corrected, so that we all live perceptively harmonious lives.  There is a whole industry that revolves around gems, stones, vaasthu, astrology, numerology, nameology – everything that you need to keep your life running smooth and orderly.

Why do we all crave for so much orderliness, and so much ordinariness in our lives?

Why doesn’t our culture instill in us a mind-set that craves for adventure and a soul that shuns predictability in life?

Why are we brought up to believe that a life that is devoid of challenges, is eternal bliss?

Does such a life ever promise  evolution of the mind, body or soul?

Are we afraid of evolving?

Do we fear the unknown?

Is there anything called unknown in this mundane world?

Aren’t all “unknown” things a very personal feeling?

Does a mother ever shun motherhood because of the “unknown” pain of delivering a child? Isn’t she ready to take on that experience even if she has no clue of what it is? And when she really experiences it for the first time, doesn’t that painful, yet personal experience, transform her ? Despite a first experience that almost pushes her to the brink of death, don’t most woman willingly go through that experience again and again?

Does a child know the pain of getting hurt, until she takes the first stumble?

Do we ever grow up without failures and heartaches at school and in life?

Doesn’t every stumble, every hurdle teach us and empower us with the thought that we are endowed with skills much beyond our imagined limitations?

Why then do we yearn to look into the future – and worst of all, why then do we want to make it “normal” with gems, stones and corrections to our homes and business places?

Yes, agreed a good flow of positive energy is good for any living space.  But aren’t we part of this whole eco-system?  This body which is a storehouse of millions of atoms emanating and absorbing energy has an overall positive and negative energy associated with it – Our moods, emotions, turmoils, thought processes, successes, failures, attitudes – everything must be adding or subtracting the energy levels of our body.  If we add up to be a negative source, can any of these changes to our environment change the way our life goes? Aren’t we responsible for what we build our lives to be?  On the other hand, if we add up to be a positive source, do we need any of these around us?

I am no expert at all this, but these were my thoughts as I got out of that little “curiosity” shop and my friend called up to say that she had just arrived. And suddenly in a flash, I hyperlinked to Nicholas Cage in NEXT, and his lines:

“The future ain’t what it used to be.” Ever heard that expression? It’s a joke, but it’s true. The future changes every time you look at it. Because you looked at it. Cause once you see it, you’re different. And that changes everything else.”

Will I ever look into MY future? I don’t know.

Will I ever want to correct or remedy the inconsistencies of my life? I don’t know.

Will I want to lead a normal, dull, dreary, mundane, smooth life ?  I don’t know!

That’s some future!!



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