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The Music of My Life November 30, 2011

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This morning, I was reading a post about people’s annoying ways of defining themselves.  The author was talking about how people define themselves in social media and twitter.

That set me thinking about the different sounds and phrases that define all those different people in my life:

My son:

Ma, ma, ma, ma – If he is excited and wants to share his joy over something, immediately

Ammmmma – If he is annoyed with me.

Maaaaaaaaaaaa – If he is chiding me.

My brother:

What? Ha, ha, ha…(again) cha…ha, ha. Ha  – He is always laughing for something.

My teacher: Hey, Gomi! Whattt issss thiss? – Even if she is not correcting my paper, now!

My mentor: Illae Maa… – You can almost catch that smile in his voice and cheer in his heart.

My school mates: Hey, Gohmmmes!! – An all too excited gang, and their enthusiasm brushes-off on me.

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My close gang of ex-colleagues – The famous five, including me:

1. Maaaaam. – Most often this guy’s calls, mails and everything in between start and end with this!

2. My adopted kid siz: Gomthi, enna aachu? – (In Tamil, “what happened?”) She’ll sound like I just shook her out of a dream, where we lost each other.

3. Ah, sollunga! – (In Tamil, “tell me” ) He responds with so much joy that you forget that he is responding to your call, after many months. When and if he notices those missed calls, he’ll sound so genuinely surprised that you’ll be annoyed with yourself, for being annoyed with him.  

4. Yes, Maam – Makes me wonder, if I should say something important, every time.

A few of my friends at Rotary:

Paddy: Hmmm…so how are you? – Utters it as fast as he can manage to.

General: Ummmm…how are you? Elaga unnaru?(In Telugu, how are you?)

Perks: Hey….hmmmm…so?

Sridhar: (An excited) I read your blog, this morning! – With that child-like glee written all over his face.

Sankaran: Know what? – No, I almost always don’t know what he is going to talk about.

Ravi Raman: You are finally here – And I know that he is talking about his arrival.

Viji Kalyan: Hey, poya! – So full of life…always

Rekha Raj: Hey, when did you come (I’ve never heard a more polite, yet genuinely surprised voice)

Sudha Thangamuthu: Ummm…Ummm…Ummm…(She is just looking into your eyes, and her eyes do all the talking)

Meenakshi Sridhar: Hey, vandhutiya (In Tamil, “have u arrived?” )And she is the most cheerful face I’d be happy to encounter, everyday)

 And finally the anti-climax to the title…

“Get out, get out…shut up, shut up…u shut up…and all expletives in all known languages….No prizes for guessing who it must be in my life.  

And my response…there is much more to life than what I see, hear and believe it to be.  Just go and explore and stop limiting yourself…after all it is your life.

And that sounds like well-defined music of my life!!



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