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Awful To Awesome May 6, 2011

Posted by Gomathi Reddy in Love and Life, Personal, Relationships, Women and Children.
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I picked up the current issue of Reader’s Digest (RD) and ran through “Face to Face with Neil Pasricha” the author of the book “Awesome.” It was quite remarkable that Neil was going through so much turmoil in his life, when he embarked on this project of putting up a blog, and which promised a post every day, for the next 1000 days!!! Can you believe it – 1000 days, and one post every day, and you top it with, guess what? – one positive thought – one little joy of life, one every day!!

Now, that sounds like a steep challenge, especially when you are running through a marriage that is headed in the wrong direction, your best friend is going through depression, and when you don’t feel like waking out of your dreams, but Neil made it – Made it as the author of the best seller “The Book Of Awesome.” I’ve just browsed through the site, 1000awesomethings.com. The About was impressive, and so was the interview in RD.

But for the “marriage-headed-in-the-wrong-direction-part” I don’t have anything in common with him, but I still hoped that Neil’s Awesome-ness rubs off on me – In attitude, in approach and in taking life as it comes. It was inspiring! But is being positive about having a good life? Or is good life a by-product of being positive?

Awesome Moments - Photo Courtesy: Aubrey Riggs

Come to think of it, all of us have good lives, if we don’t compare ourselves with our immediate circles. I have a good life too but I think I’ve got used to taking it for granted. I’ve become so very factual about life that I’ve stopped smelling the roses; I’ve stopped enjoying the awesomeness of everyday life. Reading about Neil, his life, and his tryst with destiny was thought-provoking. And I embarked on one of those funky things in my life – I decided to play Neil, just for 10 days.

I just thought I must stop, become aware and take note of the small things in my life. I wanted to list the 10 little joys that happened in my life, in the last 10 days…and boy, was it difficult! I really couldn’t put down my thoughts on those little joys of my world. But one fine evening it suddenly happened.

From then on, I was smiling and enjoying those little joys of the day and I was even becoming aware of them, as if I was having a panoramic view of my life, and could zoom in whenever I wanted and when I could enjoy those “Aha moments” of my life….and here are a few:

1. When the crow was pecking at my Upma disinterestedly, and my little fellow remarked that even that crow doesn’t like my Upma.

2. That flavoured smell of freshly baked biscuits, as I drove past that road-side bakery.

3. When a Chennai auto-rickshaw driver did not demand anything more than what was agreed upon.

4. When I caught my old yet beautiful aunty, sucking her stomach in and flashing cheese, just before clicking that family photograph.

5. Getting to touch and lick that hot, squishy cheese over my favourite pizza

6. When the waves buried my feet in a fresh catch of sand, a little salty drop dripped to my lips just in time as I pursed my lips and it was a “hah! Uuggh, Mmmm!” feeling.

7. When the laptop battery lasted just that extra minute to “Send” an urgent mail.

8. With no one at home and not willing to get to the kitchen, a Samosa and a green chilly with some leftover Pepsi, for breakfast felt yummy.

9. When I honked to the beat of the song I was listening to, while driving in Chennai’s arterial roads.

10. Finding three ten rupee notes intact in a trouser pocket, after it was machine-washed, dried and pressed, a week ago.

11. When I noticed that little grasshopper on my green chunni and didn’t know if I should scream or enjoy its pretty pecking.

12. When I saw a new leaf spring out of my little lemon sapling…when the rest of the leaves had almost dried up.

13. When I and my little fellow tip-toed to watch a King Fisher that had started appearing every morning at my kitchen window, for the past one week(or maybe I noticed it only now) – and it still caught us and flew away.

14. …

It was awesome to take note of these little things. Why 10? I think I can go on and on. The truth is, there is lot more life around me than I am willing to appreciate.

This realization also brought some pleasantly surprising events into my life. My little fellow gave me a huge hug and a toothy grin, despite me denying to buy him one more of his IPL play cards pack..…My cheques were beginning to reach me on time….My auto-insurance company agreed to go by the large print and not the small print and got my car fixed on my terms….the list has just begun….and those big joys were awesome too. So, it looks like good life is a by-product of being positive.

I’ve also come to believe that I must allow my body, heart and mind to heal, if I am feeling down…..I’ve come to believe that healing can happen, only if I allow it to happen. I’ve come to believe that those little joys of life can heal my life from being Awful to Awesome!

If there are people out there like me I hope that they too pause to do this “10 Little Joys Of My Life” exercise…stay open and are willing to change their perspectives of life…and I am sure they too can say, “Smiles and Happiness Guaranteed!!”

Photo Courtesy: Aubrey Riggs – http://www.liveartstudios.blogspot.com/



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