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The Lawyer among Ministers and the Minister among Lawyers February 6, 2011

Posted by Gomathi Reddy in News and Current Affairs, Politics.
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What actually happens to men who get into politics?  I am not talking about the lunatics and the money mongrels that see politics as a field that can camouflage their existence, amidst the many of their breed- I am talking of the sensible ones, the intelligent ones, and the ones who truly want to make a difference.

Kapil Sibal

Take Kapil Sibal for instance.  The first time I watched him on the telly, which was probably a decade back, he had that bright scholarly look, came around with a well-starched white kurta, all smiles, brilliant argument, intelligent approach everything that you don’t expect of an Indian politician – and for once, it was a pleasure to see a politician who knew his trade.  He had good company in Arun Jaitley of the BJP.

Both of them were trained – or so it looked – to make the most of the television cameras, the arc lights and its reach – including working with the grease paint, giving stars of the small screen a run for their money.  They were articulate enough to put the journalist who was supposed to be probing and prodding, a shade below their prowess.  And slowly, over a period of time, they became yeasted staple.

The sensibility gave way to mindless rhetoric, the prowess gave way to bullying and the candour gave way to street-brawl-style-devil-may-care-attitude.  They were no more worried about being watched – I guess, the feeling is akin to having a CCTV camera in your loo and you stop giving a damn to it, when it is all about nature’s call. They became completely inane to their image of being responsible elected representatives, and there was nothing you could pick up from these debates except mud-slinging in full flow.

And Kapil Sibal was always the best!

He could just throw it on your face, and make it look like, the best  is yet to come – His body language is almost like, “Come back later, and I am sure I can dole out more…I am pretty good at it” types!

When the press wants to have a field day with him, they ask him innocent questions, trigger him and he almost looks like a bullish clown to me.  And what fun it is to watch him, in full flow!  In one of his press conferences, while he was in Karnataka a few years back, I remember, it was one more of his street-smart presentations – he broke down all issues, especially anything to do with inflation, quoted numbers, side-tracked with figures on growth, reeled statistics, bullied you with words in typical “lawyerisque” style, and even gave plausible econo-explanations like, “there is a huge demand and supply gap,” and “the edible oil prices have gone up, because there is a shortage of production,”  and even convinced you that India is better off than other nations when it comes to the food situation.  Arrey, did anyone tell him that we were battling inflation and food situations, only when the Congress is in power, and we believe that,  as ministers they are supposed to be better equipped to come up with a solution to the situation, and not use rhetoric to beat us down on our hunger!

Just in case, there was a way of feeding our millions with Kapil Sibal’s words, I am sure, the Congress government will try doing that, and I am sure the poor and the middle class, will be happy to have his words pouring down their throats in torrents, and heave a belch of fulfillment!

And after A.Raja’s forced resignation over the 2G scam,  he takes over as the Telecom Minister, just to pooh-pooh the Supreme Court, the CAG, the NDA, all the alliance partners, the press and even the people of India.  He simply summarily rejects that there has been a scam – 2G or otherwise.  And he feels even using his “lawyerly jargon,” beating around the bush, is not required in this case.  He somehow simply seems to know that the Comptroller and Auditor General’s report holding A.Raja, the ex-Telecom Minister, personally responsible for the sale of 2G spectrum at 2001 rates in 2008, resulting in a loss of Rs. 1.76 lakh crores, is all clear rubbish.  According to him, it may be a little less than that and hence doesn’t merit being tagged a scam.

How did he come to this conclusion? Crystal gazers by your side, Mr.Sibal? – Wah! That’s quite an idea Kapil-ji!!

By virtually backing the tainted Minister A.Raja, but in reality arm-twisting the alliance partner DMK, and by making statements that amount to calling the people of India numb skulls, Kapil Sibal has once again gone back to his idiot-box days.

For a Minister who squarely blamed the babus, over his gaffe on questioning the nationality of our Chess icon, Viswanathan Anand, and by not taking any responsibility of the issue beyond the many excuses in media ; for a Minister who is either blind to the pit falls, or conniving to the interests of the Oxfords and the Harvards, in the now infamous Foreign Educational Institutions Bill ; for a Minister who is often known as the lawyer among ministers and minister among lawyers, for Kapil Sibal,  confusing others  comes much more easily than convincing.

Naturally…because he always has his numbers right, has a clear comprehension of issues, knows his party’s priorities and provisions – undoubtedly he is the right leader in the wrong party, who is probably  forced to  leave his conscience back home, every day.  And what do you have here?  A politician who will unabashedly hide behind the babus – their authority and their insecurity, their power and their powerlessness, their demon-ish and doormat-ish behaviour – and gets away with his just-another-day-at-office style of communication.

Mr.Kapil Sibal, you are much more dangerous than the A.Rajas and the Chavans, and a greater threat to the Indian democracy.  It would be good to see you retire before your senility takes over your once-upon-a-time-idealism – because most Indians would not know the difference with you!



1. Ramu! - March 23, 2011

Many times i don’t read more than two lines but i think that your blog can be an exception!! You rightly pointed out that am becoming “numb skull” on reading Kapil Ji’s statements day to day!!

Gomathi Reddy - March 23, 2011

Thank you Ram…no, not for choosing to be a “numb skull,” 🙂 but for dropping by.

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