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Empowering Indian Women Of The Digital Age January 21, 2011

Posted by Gomathi Reddy in Another Voice, Women and Children.
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Another Voice is one of my columns on Empowering Indian Women of the Digital Age.

I chose to work with Kavvin Media to get Another Voice online.  Kavvin Media is promoted by a few good friends, who want to make some meaningful transitions in the way Tamilians work, think and ideate. Whenever you find time, please do log on to my columns at Kavvin Media and do post your comments.

Unlike what most social media gurus would have you believe, “posting a comment” is not always about promoting ourselves, but letting the author/publisher know where they stand.   Afterall, blogging and the online space is the only medium left for any meaningful dialogue between average citizens and concerned citizens.  The fact that you are reading this material, elevates you to the “concerned” category and your views will certainly enhance the purpose for which I am writing this column.

I look forward to your comments, criticisms and brickbats as well.





1. Vasu - February 18, 2011

Congragulations and good luck!

Gomathi Reddy - February 18, 2011

Hey Vasu,

Thank you so much…good to see you back. Catch you soon.

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