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Asking And Being Honest, Truthfully! January 5, 2011

Posted by Gomathi Reddy in Culture, Desi Indian, Personal, Relationships.
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Blog writing, among other things, hones you to accept comments, criticism and sarcasm along with a lot of good vibes, opinions, appreciation and kudos, in the same vein.  At some point you realize that these are just expressions and points-of-view and may or may not have anything to do with your own expression and point-of-view.

Writing a blog also brings with it a sense of responsibility to what you want to express, because you could also be “influencing” others expressions and points-of-view, for good or for bad.  I take trouble to stay accurate and truthful to facts – as I know – without ever compromising on being honest.  Ah, now what’s being “truthful” and what’s “being honest?”

Well, sharing a fact, as-is, is “being truthful.”  Sharing it with integrity, some tact, and sensitivity, and stating things only from where I stand is “being honest.”  Sometimes my silence in itself is just “being honest.”

Since I seem to be lamenting a lot on this blog about things that plague my country, it prompted a well-wisher to mockingly ask, “So what are YOU doing about it?  What are you doing to your country, except find fault with all things around you?  So how different are you from the others that you are complaining about?”  I had to tell him that complaining about the state of politicians does not mean that I need to become one to cleanse them, or their world.

I just have to do MY job well, in all honesty.

I write, and so I should share what I know as “truth”, in all honesty.  I just have to express what I have understood, in all honesty. If everyone can execute their jobs in all honesty, then we have a better social, cultural and national fabric.   So where does one start?

“Being honest” and “asking” are two sides of the same coin.  One sets you thinking, the other drives you to action.  Don’t worry if your “asking” can be interpreted as being intolerant.  Far from it.  Nobody expects you to carry placards and shout slogans.  But you must not hesitate to execute your role, in all honesty – in your own inimitable style that is natural to your being.

So, if you are a home maker don’t take any injustices buttered on you, your children or on your family, lying low.  Understand that taking-it-all-and-lying-low is not about being tolerant.  It is about being indifferent.  If the PDS does not deliver what they promise, ASK for what you are entitled.  If your kid’s school is expecting more fee than what is designated by the Government, ASK.  If your relationships are not enriching and allowing you the space to grow, ASK yourself what you want out of your life.  It is all about executing your job of being a home maker in all honesty.

If you are a student don’t hesitate to ASK questions if you don’t understand something.  The very purpose of being a student is to allow others to teach you.  And “teaching” is not about rolling out what your teacher knows.  “Teaching” is about transferring knowledge in a way that YOU can absorb and understand and make it your own.  So ASK your questions.  You will not only be executing your job of being a student well, but you will also help your teachers execute their jobs in all honesty.

If you are a business person, share what you know, as a leader. When you talk to your people:

  • tell them what you know
  • tell them there are things that you don’t know
  • tell them there are things you know but can’t share, due to confidentiality or security.

You simply become an honest business leader.

If you are a first-time voter, ASK for information.  Do your homework.  And go to vote.

If you are concerned citizen, ASK for your legitimate rights.  There are enough provisions in the law and constitution to protect you and your rights.  There will be challenges, because you are now part of a system that has achieved lacunae over generations of inaction.   Your inaction and indifference can make it only worse.  On the other hand, your ASKing and “being honest,” can make your world a better place, not just for you, but for your children as well.

So, whoever you are, what ever your role in life, do YOUR part in all honesty.

Simply because, “asking” and “being honest” truthfully, is about understanding, loving and respecting your own space at your home, at your workplace, in your state, in your country and on this earth.  Deserve your space.

I think I am doing my part.



1. my website - March 17, 2011

it seems quite trivial to expect

2. business daily - April 2, 2011

being sensitive of other peoples feelings and facing uncomfortable truths about yourself usually requires lots of patience vigilance and hard work.

3. gabmsn - May 13, 2011

Agreed 100%

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