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Save the DMK – Forget all about A.Raja ! December 26, 2010

Posted by Gomathi Reddy in Desi Indian, News and Current Affairs, Politics.
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In India, anything that is newsworthy and hitting people’s living rooms day-in-and-day-out is more about being anti-people, anti-country, anti-administration, anti-legislation, anti-values, quite simply anti-civility!

The last couple of days,  I watched with horror the DMK’s media onslaught on people – to save the tainted ex-telecom minister, A.Raja, who is being questioned by the Central Bureau of Investigation.  Apparently the whole 2G scam is a sham, and Raja is being targeted because he is a Dalit.  Do such political tactics hold good even today? Is Andipatti “Spectrum” Raja larger than the party that he has to be backed despite becoming a slur on the party?  A quick entry into Google Trends, will show you that he is more than newsworthy!

For the uninitiated, Google Trends analyzes Google web searches to compute how many searches have been done for the terms you enter, relative to the total number of searches done on the search engine over time. A graph is then shown with the results. Beneath the Search Volume Index graph is the News reference volume graph, which shows the number of times your topic appeared in Google News stories.  Take a look at the trends for Raja, Spectrum, Karunanidhi, DMK as inputs.

And the newsworthiness of “Raja” and “Spectrum” is a lot more than “Karunanidhi”, the party President, and the “DMK” the party to which be belongs – which says a lot about him as a person and the way he handled himself since he became a Minister of State for Environment and Union Minister of Telecom at the Centre.

Last week, the party had taken an aggressive stance to back him and prove that he is innocent in the 2G “sham,”  er, scam, because he does seem to be becoming much larger than the party, and its leader!  Yes he WILL HAVE TO BE proved innocent – after all if this front-man (read as Bakhra) who knows too much is proved guilty, then his bleats can end up slitting the Adam’s apple of the big wigs of the State, the Centre and the bureaucracy. So in the interest of all concerned, he has to be “proven innocent,” until “proven guilty!”

But may be he is innocent – who knows?  Here is a quick list of all that I can recall, about what was reported about him in  various media outfits  –  the by-now-infamous Niira Radia tapes, the many newspapers, the innumerable television channels and of course the new media.

  • He was innocent enough to hand over the first big payment from lobbyists and corporate giants directly to his party chief, unlike his immediate predecessor.
  • His innocence has to be blamed if he did not follow protocol and ended up superseding the PM’s directive on the spectrum allocations.
  • He was too innocent to believe that the system can do nothing to him and he could always use the Dalit card, when cornered.
  • He was trained to be innocent and that is the reason why he believed that he can hoodwink questions on why Swan would invest in his Green House Promoters Pvt Ltd..
  • This lawyer turned politician was just the right kind of innocent material who believed that his first-come-first-serve policy will end up benefiting Unitech, a real estate company, which got the license in 22 circles without investing anything in telecom infrastructure, for Rs. 1,651 crores – and within weeks of acquiring the circles, it sold 60 per cent of its shares for Rs 6,120 crore to a Norwegian company, Telenor, which is a major telecom player in Pakistan and Bangladesh, in the process netting a huge profit.
  • It is possible that he applied the innocence yardstick a little too  much when he allowed Swan Capital Private Limited a Mumbai firm, involved in non-banking financial services to apply for a GSM circle license in Jan 2007, which in Feb 2007, changed its name to Swan Telecom Pvt Ltd. and got the 2G Spectrum license.  And this innocent man, managed to get Swan to invest 49% in his Green House Promoters Pvt Ltd at a dictated price of Rs 1,000 crore. And obviously, Swan Telecom bagged the licence for Rs 1,537 crore for operating in 13 circles. With in weeks, it sold 45 per cent of its shares to Etisalat, of UAE for $900 million or for Rs 4,500 crore.  And this innocent man has no idea of technology to understand that Etisalat, is a firm that keeps all the SMS in its server for future scrutiny.
  • And of course he doesn’t know anything about the other big development in Oct 2007, when Reliance, a a strong name in the CDMA sector, quit Swan after the Centre announced a new telecom policy that allowed the same company to operate both GSM and CDMA services.
  • In all innocence he even calls up judges and threatens them, unleashes his goons who resort to land grabbing from peasants in his home town Perambalur,  donates the land to the State Government.  And you guessed it right – the Government announces plans to build medical and engineering colleges in an area which is berefit of even basic infrastructure and proper approach roads. Now that is a smart move from an innocent one – the land prices sky-rocket and his real estate company makes a killing on the going prices of  land strips that were only as good as desert dunes.
  • His business partners are known hawala handlers and much of all the black money goes to international tax havens and comes back as Foreign Direct Investment(FDI) i.e. clean money.  When Arun Dalmia, a frequent visitor to Telecom Minister A Raja’s office and his son Harsh Dalmia were interrogated by the CBI, they laid thread bare the details about their Swiss accounts and property details and high-volume cash transactions flowing into bank accounts in Delhi, Chennai, Singapore, Dubai, Malaysia and other tax havens abroad.  Incidentally Dalmia was for years on the radar of the Intelligence Bureau and RAW, and gave the necessary inputs to CBI that this middle-aged man was a broker for a Chinese telecom equipment vendor. Raja’s plan to grant an over Rs 20,000-crore deal to a Chinese telecom vendor for supplying GSM lines to BSNL was thwarted by the security concerns raised by these agencies.
  • He has almost next-to-nothing in his Indian bank accounts, and close to zero personal assets, not worth their salt for a high profile Indian minister!
  • The modus operandi of Raja’s  operations implies that he will continue to repeat the hackneyed “I went by my predecessors at office” and technically, can come across as innocent, because he has not netted all the profits that ought to have gone to the State, directly to his personal kitty.  If at all, he can only be tried for his incapability and inefficiency and gross lack of knowledge to head such a powerful ministry. He can be rebuked for not being able to assess the consequences of his own actions, in the process allowing a few smart, telecom and real estate  companies to make a killing – In his innocence Raja can even pull down Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as an accomplice, who is as much “incapable” as he is, because he allowed him to continue being the Minister of Telecom, when he clearly had paid no heed to the PMO, the Finance and the Law Ministries on allocation of 2G spectrum benefiting a few operators.
  • Apparently he is too innocent to the point of even requesting G.Gopikrishnan, a journalist from The Daily Pioneer to call off his investigations, way back in 2008.
  • And finally his innocence has led him to believe that the money he brings to the DMK coffers would save him from all his future personal blunders.  Maybe, he doesn’t read The Daily Pioneer, which ripped his ministry apart, right from 2006.

But maybe every fellow Indian should not remain so innocent.  Take a quick search in The Daily Pioneer on 2G and Spectrum http://www.dailypioneer.com/2G%20spectrum/Search.html and  you will find the entire story unraveling.  To cap it all, don’t miss the interview with G.Gopikrishnan, the journalist who exposed it, much before all the leading dailies of South India.  http://www.dailypioneer.com/296854/The-man-who-felled-a-king.html

But what has begotten Chief Minister Kalaignar Karunanidhi, who apparently reads all newspapers right from 4 am every day?  Didn’t he get a copy of the Daily Pioneer and Hindustan Times right from 2006, when they were talking about the value of spectrum and how it can spell doom, if it falls into the wrong Minister’s hands – A clear indication that the DMK with Maran or any other representative from the party can spell danger? Does he not have the national interest in mind, because if spectrum falls into the hands of wrong vendors, it could even amount to sedition?  Or is “sedition” only a term that can be used to quell right-thinking citizens – the Binayak Sens and the like – but cannot be applied to elected representatives, who are empowered democratically to treason and political ineptitude?

Dear Chief Minister, forget all about Raja and his “news worthiness.”  He can fend for himself.

It is time to Save the DMK.



1. paddy - January 7, 2011

Hi Gomathi,an excellent exposition on 2G scam and Dalit king Raasa. Infact you should include the nexus of Kani-Rasathi-Rasa and the supplementary scam of Rasathi involving the Tata group. However the Tamil population in TN is largely apathetic to the details of the scandal. The tamil media by and large is controlled by Kalaignar and they are scared to bring out the gory details of the scam or Nira radia conversations as much as has been done by english media. Also the populace has been so corrupted both morally and materially, that it is no more strange to hear arguments like ‘who is not corrupt?’, ‘those accusing our mighty leader are also corrupt’ etc. Looks like corruption of whetever propostions will not affect the public as long as individual needs are taken care of by freebies. And the Tamil media/civil society can not stand upto the Govt !

2. jai - March 17, 2011

hi mam,,,Grt posting and analysis as well …. The greed for money and ministry position had produced the massive scam of the history,,, in India there are so many people who still struggle under the poverty line, lot of reforms n development has to be made ,, but these damn politicians are not concerned about countries growth and are only concerned about there own growth,,, democracy sucks.

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