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Happily Ever After….. December 6, 2010

Posted by Gomathi Reddy in Culture, Love and Life, Personal.
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According to my son’s Science book “Air” is something that is all around us. Can we control it?  No.  Can we pack it? No. Can we get only what we want out of it? No.  Can we modify its colour, texture and smell for our convenience? No. Does it have any specific shape and size? No.

It is so much like “Love.”

It is all around us, we cannot control it, we cannot package it, we cannot get what we want out of it, we cannot take a pick at it, it never comes at our convenience and it can come in all shapes and sizes.  Now, I didn’t mean anything naughty there. J

Love defies definition and defines the unpredictable.  At times you feel, it is enough to experience Love in its raw form once, and then from then on, either you take it for granted, or nurture it like watering an artificial plant.  But it does not exist where we trivialize its existence and when we find the need for everything else but Love.

In fact, there are prayers, rituals and Gods for every purpose, even for executing your evil thoughts into action (apparently the Hindu Goddess Sakthi can be used to execute your Satanic goals in life – or so we are told). You see, God is supposed to be equanimous.  The Good, the Bad and the Ugly exist only in mortal minds and the Universal Energy sees it only as a Cause and an Effect and the power of prayer – read it as power of intention – can be far-reaching.

I have seen most Hindus pray to various Gods for power, wealth, health, even to control those whom you’d like to control, to abuse, to get abused for specific purposes, for that and for this – name it you have it.  But nobody seems to have any requests for “love.” There is one lonely, small-time God for Love christened “Kama.” Kama at times translates to Lust, and not Love.  Considering that “lust” is something the entire humanity decries, he is of no greater value than to be referred in literature where the central plot is about a man-woman relationship, that ends either in a tragedy or a comedy, but never the mythical “happily ever after.”  Then there are the Siva-Sakthi paradigms, some Tantric practices to make use of the man-woman communion with the sole purpose of procreation and not recreation.  So, it is all about clear ends to be met, never the process of “happiness through love.”

To me, to be in love is to discover yourself, to give away your many masks, to unburden, to be reborn.  To go through this phase is to cure yourself of the malaise that is ‘YOU’ and empty your past and not to worry about the future.  It is about staying in the NOW, finding that one special soul, to celebrate the sharing of your own space – neither suffocated nor suffocating.  And even if such moments are only for a small part of one’s life, for the heart that has loved, the feeling is truly “happily ever after.”

Does this ever happen in reality? Sometimes.  Because reality is about transactions – whole sale and retail.  Whereas Love knows no such boundaries – It is the immense and the varied; The destroyer and the destroyed;  The vast and the miniscule; The one and the all; The defined and the undefined.  But simple.

It is elusive because it’s a far too complex world WITHIN to seek the simple, WITHOUT.

No wonder you cannot grasp it.  You cannot experience it.  You can only look back at the route your soul had once tread, with angst and wait for the day, when you are born again.

And then you know you will live happily ever after.………



1. Navigarory - February 21, 2011

Занимательно. Отлично написанно.

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