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Yes.Love.God. January 18, 2010

Posted by Gomathi Reddy in Love and Life, Personal.
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18th December, 2009

Yes, that is when I decided to go blogging.  I went to BigAdda.  Sadly, I found it wanting on many accounts.  I chose to WordPress.  So here go my entries, as I had posted them there.

This is my first post here.  My first serious blog entry.  I thought I must start it with Paulo Coelho’s words – The smallest words in every language, yet the most powerful words. YES. LOVE. GOD.

YES. I LOVE life. And I see GOD in all the small miracles of my day – everyday.  Today was another miracle, another face of God, another face of love, but I stepped up and said NO. I was sure that I should not say YES, believing that being meek in the face of love is saying YES to GOD.

Isn’t love supposed to make you strong?  Yes, it made me strong to say NO to a few actions that were not in line with my values and space.   Love gave me the wisdom to know where I belong. Love gave me a reason to begin to look at possibilities.  Love gave me the courage to define myself.

And my love will remain with me, all my life as I meander my way across, towards the horizon.

Yes, God is in my Love.



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