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Use Solitude. Don’t Get Used To It. January 18, 2010

Posted by Gomathi Reddy in Personal.
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19th December, 2009

Today is another beautiful day – Another miracle.

In the hustle bustle of life, just getting some time to spend on, and for yourself; to simply remain quiet, because there is no one to wonder what made you so “uneasily” quiet; to have a noiseless day, without the jarring noise pollution of our immediate home pollutants – noise, smells, chatter – All of this is just short of a miracle – If you can get such a day, all for yourself, you must be truly blessed. I am blessed today, because I get whatever I want, in packages and not as a whole, but the things I want might be quite a challenge for the Universe to summon – Like this one. I ask for solitude, because I enjoy it.

Solitude – The dictionary defines it as “the state of being or living alone; seclusion.” I define it as the opportunity to search within yourself. Long walks, and sometimes, even visualizing long walks in the quiet of the open terrace have been equally healing. I have also wondered, what is it about life that brings you challenges, changes to one’s comfort zone and the need to be choosy about what is being manifested, to you – and then seek solitude to figure out all of these. It all seems too simple and too complex at one go. So, I just decide to take it as it comes.

I seek those who share my state of mind. I want to listen to their experiences of unraveling the mysteries of the Universe, not from the physical point of view, but from that of the meta physical – But here again, I wonder, isn’t meta physical and physical being defined, from our perceptive knowledge and not really what it actually could be. Well, more on this in a later post. Getting back to solitude…

Solitude has always helped me bring clarity, work out solutions to seemingly endless challenges, and simply recharge my batteries. Solitude helps me unravel the truths about myself and it also makes me seek company with new gusto. Yes, solitude is not about being a recluse. I enjoy it, in pockets and packages – it is interesting that way.

I use solitude. I don’t get used to it.



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