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Love – Packaged Consumerism January 18, 2010

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26th December, 2009

As I cleaned up my place, relaxed and desperately wanted to believe that I am indeed, enjoying my solitude,  I was wondering what is it about this season that drives you to shopping all the time – year after year.  Blame it on globalization, consumerism and its tendencies,  which were alien to the Indian soil even a decade ago,  define the fabric of the nation called India, today.  In fact, any reference to spending a quiet holiday with your loved ones is looked down upon, as lack of imagination to spend a holiday.

For my son, Prannay, holidays are all about realizing the purpose of window shopping and buying all those game CDs (bucket or otherwise) and plan for a get together with his friends and place his next request for a gadget!  I took some time off before Christmas, to help him understand the spirit of the season – The season that signifies Love, sharing and reflecting on the blessings of life.  I guess he understood what I was getting at, though he chose to have his version of the season, implemented.  So he visited his friends, wished them a Merry Christmas and packed his bags to his Grandpa’s place.  Indulge he did, and Grandpa was glad to see him grow up as THE representative of the next generation.

Consumerism goes with different tags all year round – New Year, Valentines,  Easter, Halloween, Thanks giving, Christmas, Deepavali, Sankrathi, Vinayaka Chaturthi and all the Hindu festivals(which is quite a mouthful), Eid-Ul-Fitr, Eid-Al-Adha and everything that goes as Islamic festivals, father’s day, mother’s day, days for every known relationship, targeted consumerism directed at Women, Children, Men, – name it you have it and Consumerism rules the roost, 24 x 7.

What did they do, those plain old days when people went to sweat it out for the day, looked up to the sun to calculate the time and came back home by the end of the day, enjoyed -genuine companionship and food – and shared their experiences of the day with their children? For them, “outings” were to religious places of worship, “coming together” was for celebrating personal victories and weddings, “gifting” was about sharing food that was made lovingly by the community! And this was the generation that raised children who grew up to keep the flag of the country, flying high.  Almost all Indian icons, were from this period of modern India.   They made a difference to the world, never for once worried about what filled their pockets, but how they fulfilled the needs of the world.   This was the generation that believed in love as the greatest gift that can be given to their progeny.  Love that was unbridled, and delivered without any limitations, though at times, had a few strings attached.

Where are we today?  I hope my child reads this blog, some day in the future, understands that my feathers do get ruffled by consumerism and with little options left, even my love has to be delivered as a package, with a red ribbon.



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