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Friendship, Fortitude and a Funeral January 18, 2010

Posted by Gomathi Reddy in Personal.
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21st December 2009

This Monday started like every other Monday – At a frenetic pace.  For me every Monday is synonymous with madness, and so it was, until we got this call at 8:30 am.  Shocking first, then hope against hope that it must be a prank call, then there was some sense of disbelief, and then finally the truth dawned on us.

T.Prabhakar Reddy(TP), a very close friend passed away last night at Coimbatore around 11 p.m – The TP who was ever smiling, the TP who was my husband’s best friend, the TP who also gave some brotherly sage advice on how to take things in the stride, every time  life stopped by my side to help me understand the concept of pain,   the TP who had his own stress monitors reconditioned every few weeks because they couldn’t take his levels of acceptable stress, the TP who adored his only child Shruthi, the TP who was extremely proud of her and who had so much to talk about this apple of  his eye, the TP who got his entire clan in Tambaram witness the most expensive and expansive weddings of recent times, as he gave away his daughter in wedding last month, the TP who was in tears when he shared with us that he is going to miss his dear daughter, who will be leaving to the United States by the 26th of December, the TP who decided to take a 6-month holiday from his business and fly away to the States, to take the holiday of his life, along with his son-in-law and daughter, the TP who was with his daughter last night giving her the last minute instructions before packing off things to set up home and the T.Prabhakar Reddy who had a massive heart attack passing away before any help could arrive at those wee hours of the dawn.

He was known within our circles, as one who had an ear for everybody and who was a meticulous planner – to the last detail.  Probably being a successful realtor taught him these skills or it is possible that these innate skills helped him swim with the sharks, in his business.  He knew the art of smiling during adversity, which he stood testimony to, many times during his life time.  I used to tease him on his ever green plastic smile – Even to that, there was his trade mark smile again.  He was just 45, and the news that he isn’t with us any more,  shook me more than any one else in my household.

Every time I called, it was  either under distress or duress – He used to listen patiently and was always the one who made me see the harsh realities of life, gently, in his inimitable tone – A friend, who explained what fortitude is.  Is this how he built his attitude?   I want to ask him, now – I may never know his version of the answer.

But I know mine.



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